Do you aspire to play football at a higher level? Do you have goals and dreams to achieve in sport and are unsure where to get started? Are you uncertain that you are heading in the right direction? Let our knowledge and expertise guide you. Whether your goal is to play at the NCAA or the USport Canadian collegiate level, we can help. Canadian athletes are very capable of playing football at the highest level collegiately. Our goal is to open these possibilities and make sure you begin the process before it’s too late.

To get recruited for football North or South of the border, student-athletes not only have to be extremely talented football players with strong academics, but they also must understand how the football recruiting process works.
They are many things involved in the recruiting process including, identifying the right collegiate program that is best suited for you, reaching out to coaches, creating a football recruiting video, and attending camps and combines. This is a multi-year journey that athletes must begin early to get a head start on the competition across the continent.

How do we differ from the other companies – We are based in the province of Alberta. We create personal relationships with each of our athletes. We know how to make a difference for the individual by being present and working face to face with them unlike other recruiting agencies. Our team has the best understanding of how the football system in Alberta works, and what it would take for an athlete to maximize his high school experience in order to transition to the next level.

Just returned from a phenomenal football training experience for my son with Alex O. Wow! If you take getting to the next level seriously, then spend some quality time with this guy. He will strengthen you physically, mentally & professionally

Sue Wasson

It’s nice being trained by someone who genuinely cares about how far the athlete can go. Alex is willing to take the time to work with individuals who are willing work hard

Albert Reese


To facilitate athletic excellence by providing sports-based Mentorship and proper academic guidance to maximize the success of young athletes on a long-term goal oriented basis.


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