“The norm of testimonials is to be quick and short, these aren’t. We believe if you are doing this for your child, you should really take your time to read through these to understand the importance and value this program holds”

“As a coach of university-aged men for nearly 3 decades I see more than ever the value of athletics in our society. Few institutes prepare our youth for life outside the comfort of home like the competition of sport. Athletics is a development tool for necessary life skills as discipline, accountability, effort and maybe most important resiliency.

In the past, development of these traits was typically the responsibility of parents who understood that life was a challenge and that you had to “earn” successes throughout it. Now-a-days many who work with adolescents and young adults would agree these qualities are not as established as they once where.

Alex Ogbongbemiga is a former athlete of mine during my tenure at the University of Calgary. Being of Nigerian heritage Alex is the product of a loving homelife, but also has experienced first-hand the struggles of an immigrant family starting life in a new country. A situation where increased responsibility was normal and that “real-life” consequences were the result of successes and failures. As an athlete Alex learned first-hand the opportunities football could provide. 

Blake Nill

  • 3 Time Vanier Cup Champion
  • Head Football coach University of British Columbia

He learned that every decision would impact his path, and that life was not always fair, in that sometimes he just had to overcome more than most. This realization allowed Alex to graduate from the University of Calgary and play football professionally in the Canadian Football League.

Now Alex is ready to pass on his experience to those individuals who are also motivated toward life successes. As a mentor, he without doubt is able to identify and evaluate those “special” individuals who have the necessary attributes to make a difference. Those who will go on to reach their potential, compete fully throughout the challenge’s life brings, and eventually make a positive contribution towards society.”

Justin & Anita Wylie

Giancarlo Wylie – Grade 12 – Cheshire Academy

“Our son has had the pleasure of working specifically on football training and development with Alex for the last 3 years. This year was my son’s rookie high school football season & he had great success on the field. This is directly tied to the training and mentorship he has received from working with Alex.

From the start the expectation is set with the kids & they know that if they listen they will see results.

Alex not only prepares the kids to perform on the field physically but also mentally. He stresses the importance of being a good student especially if their goal is to play at a university level. Nutrition and recovery is also a key component that is discussed with them.

There is no question that the kids respect his perspective, expertise and experience given that he has competed at the university and pro level of the sport.”

My relationship with Alex began two years ago when I first came to Most Physical Preparation. Alex is an extremely passionate and hard working coach that pushes his athletes to bring the best out of them. Not only is he a great coach, he is a great mentor. He has once been in our shoes as younger athletes and knows what it takes to get to the next level.

Therefore he provides great guidance and mentorship. I sometimes reflect on my athletic career and wish I came in contact with him when I had began my high school career.

When struggling with certain situations I have personally reached out to Alex and based on his past experience in his playing career, he was able to put me in the right direction to handle difficult scenarios appropriately and things ended up going well for me.

This past off-season I had made a position change within my sport. Without Alex’s knowledge, guidance, or experience it would have not gone nearly as smooth. With Alex you’re not only getting a great coach, but a great mentor that will help you reach your goals on and off the field.

Cole Snyder

University of Deleware – Bishop o Brien High School

Jeremie Fagnan – 26
Senior Marking Director WFG Calgary Alberta.

“I think the most important component of a young athletes development is to have a coach who pours belief into their players that they can play at the top collegiate and professional levels of their sport. It’s not that American athletes are any more talented than our Canadians athletes, it’s simply a matter of us not knowing the type of athlete we need to become in order to compete at the top levels of our sport.

I once had a baseball coach tell me that I was never going to be good enough to play 1st base at the collegiate level in the States. Yet I ended up winning the National Junior College Player of the Year award and was the starting 1st Baseman at TCU where we ended up making back to back College World Series appearances. So how did that happen? In grade 12, I came across an opportunity to play for a coach who played baseball at Washington State.

Since he knew the road to the next level, he prepped me mentally and physically, and he was always good at painting a picture of what it would one day be like to play NCAA Division 1 Baseball and at the professional level. Having a coach and mentor who played at the highest levels of their sport is one of the greatest assets one can have as a young Canadian athlete. Don’t take them for granted.”

2013 NJCAA National Player of the Year

2013-2015 TCU Baseball Alumni

“My teenage son has been playing football for a couple of years now. He went to different camps and he has been with different trainers.

Then we met Alex. As soon as he walked into my son’s life, he made my son better. It is sad to say, but he listens more to what Alex has to say than what I have to say. He has the magic combination between humanity and authoritativeness. His experience and his football knowledge are a major key for us.

Alex is so detailed from the beginning with the assessment,making corrections with movement or techniques, taking his own time to come and watch football games as well as videos to comment on my son’s plays and to adjust his workouts to help my son become a better football player.

He consistently pushes him to his limits and then makes him realize he has more to give. But, it is more than just working out.

Alex actually cares deeply about helping people and his guidance has helped my son change his habits. He has taught him a different way to think about the overall concept of the game and how to make certain decisions in different life and sport related scenarios.

It is not possible to say enough good things about Alex – his professionalism, knowledge, and encouragement has shown positive improvements in my sons life in general.

I hold the highest recommendation for Alex and for anyone who wishes to go far in football.”

Martin Hudon – Charles Antoine Hudon- Grade 10 -Wisewood High School –

Just returned from a phenomenal football training experience for my son with Alex O. Wow! If you take getting to the next level seriously, then spend some quality time with this guy. He will strengthen you physically, mentally & professionally

Sue Wasson

It’s nice being trained by someone who genuinely cares about how far the athlete can go. Alex is willing to take the time to work with individuals who are willing work hard

Albert Reese